Lou Chartres, one of the two hosts of Casa Idalia, is the founder and designer of the eponymous fashion accessories brand specialising in leather goods. She works from home and her workshop is located in the centre of the place, in an open space.

Feel free to take a look at her work, or simply enjoy the shop.


The Casa Idalia boutique, located in the heart of the workshop, offers an exclusive selection of products, carefully chosen for their design, their quality, but also for their responsibility. The aim of the shop is mainly to give visibility to young promising brands that have had the courage to launch themselves.

You can of course find the different models of the Lou Chartres collections _ but also sculptures inspired by the themes of Comporta made by a French iron craftsman, Bouli _ sunglasses made from recycled acetates designed by two Swiss designers, founders of the Larma brand _ jewellery that echoes the beaches of Comporta and its treasures, handcrafted by a young jeweller based in the town of Alcacer do Sal, 30km from Casa Idalia, Frieza

And let’s not forget the Memorice brand products that you can try out throughout your stay – shampoo, shower gel and body lotion with the sweet smell of rice will enchant your skin after long days on the beach. You can find all these products in the shop as well as a selection of comforting scented candles and sprays.