Casa Idalia is an authentic Portuguese house redesigned with vintage furnitures, natural colors, in a behemian-chic style. It’s the perfect place to come and recharge your batteries in the middle of the rice fields, take in the ocean air, while enjoying a warm and comfortable place to stay. The ideal rental in Comporta to relax in a hotel like no other.

The house is located in the heart of Comporta village. A privileged place for its location in a quiet street, but above all for its proximity to shops. All journeys can be made while walking. It will take you less than two minutes to go and savor the various menus offered by the local restaurants, sip a cocktail or even go to the grocery store around the corner.

To enjoy the sun you have the choice between lazing by the pool or going to the beautiful Comporta beach located about 15 minutes away by walking. For nature lovers, an hiking into the rice fields and their incredible reflections will be appropriate.

Casa Idalia is also a place of sharing. You will savor wonderful local products during the breakfast served on the terrace, and you will certainly be tempted by the tasting of local drinks, such as Comporta wine accompanied by gourmet aperitif boards served by your hosts at the bar.

For the art and design amateur, the Lou Chartres atelier is open during the day. You can have a look, try the pieces, enjoy the boutique or just ask your questions.


Casa Idalia is a guest house created by Lou and Charly, a young French couple who decided to leave everything behind after their first visit to Comporta.
They immediately fell in love with the beauty and the atmosphere of this extraordinary place. Fate allowed them to acquire the house of the charming Madame Idalia, whose name the project bears. According to the myth of Idalie (or Idalia), the oracle ordered Chalcénor to build a city in the place where he would see the sun rise. One of his companions having seen it from the foot of a high mountain, a city was built there, called Idalion, from the two Greek words, idonet élion (I saw the sun).
Charly, a salesman by trade, dreamed of creating a project based on sharing and exchange, driven by contact with the customer. Lou, a fashion accessory designer, found in Comporta the ideal place to create in a peaceful atmosphere while using her passion for interior design. This is how Casa Idalia was born, a guest house / design studio, bringing together the passions of each to create an amazing and pleasant place, capable of making a mark.